General Steps in a Kitchen Cabinet Purchase from Royal Wood Design

  1. When planning a new home construction or a renovation there are many stages that have to be followed to ensure your project goes smoothly. That start of this planning begins with a trip to one Royal Wood Design's showrooms at 860 Topsail Road or 640 Torbay Road.
  2. Come equipped with rudimentary measurements outlining the geometry of the room to aid Royal Wood's design staff in beginning the quoting process. Many prospective customers feel wary producing measurements for something they know nothing about...but please no worries!  All measurements and production specifications for the "foot print" of your kitchen design will be verified before any cabinetry gets manufactured. Bringing rudimentary measurements allow us to serve and help you expediently. They do not need to be perfect. An inch here or there will not affect the quote significantly and will not break your budget. 
  3. With measurements, Royal Wood will provide a detailed quote that will include 3D images of your kitchen space and detailed costing of the job.  The customer generally reviews the design and offers opinions or changes. Once the measurements have been placed in our software the process of changes becomes easy as the design is malleable after the room specifications have been entered. Generally, the customer has two options when discussing design changes, which are: 1.) drop into the showroom to review the 3D images in person or 2.) Email comments, questions, changes or concerns to your designer. 
  4. Once the "foot print" of the design has been completed and the customer agrees to the price, a detailed contract is written, ensuring both parties know the expectations & parameters. After entering the contract, a Royal Wood team member will need to visit each site in order for us to "perfect our file." At this stage, some small changes may come up but our goal is ensure the foot print that you have confirmed can fit within your space. Measuring twice and cutting once generally minimizes the amount of mistakes that can occur in kitchen production. Construction projects ALWAYS have issues to contend with and it is our goal to make the cabinet process as seamless as possible. With that said, renovations aren't for the faint of heart and customers need to realize that there are going to be problems and inconveniences involved in the purchase of new cabinets. Our job is to help you through the process and ensure the end result is the best job Royal Wood Design can do. 
  5. Once the measurements have been confirmed the order is "cut listed" through our automated software program called Cabinet ware. Essentially, this software program is a "screen to machine" device. Our program takes your rendered kitchen design and breaks down each piece needed to complete your kitchen...from boring hinge and shelf holes to spitting out door sizes. Once your file is cut listed it is ready to hit our plant floor. 
  6. The first step in the cabinet manufacturing process is to cut the proper material into specific sizes needed to construct the boxes. Our employees are fully trained and versed in our equipment to ensure it is used with precision and efficiency. Our most impressive piece of machinery is a CNC overhead router that cuts all cabinet boxes and parts.  
  7. Once all the material has been cut to construct the cabinet boxes and after the doors have cut and put together, the pieces are either sent to the assembly department or to finishing. Unfinished boxes can go together immediately while others have to wait for finished parts. Finished parts needed to be sanded and prepared to ensure a smooth and quality finish. 
  8. Once materials have been "prepped" then they move to the spray booth to be stained and lacquered. The finishing process generally includes doors, drawer fronts, dovetails drawer boxes, mouldings/trim and exposed cabinet ends. Each one of Royal Wood's finished pieces takes three coats of lacquer to ensure the finish maintains it's integrity over time. The first sealer quote is applied to ensure the door does not absorb any moisture through the pores in the wood. The next two coats of lacquer are applied to ensure our product holds its integrity over time. Two coats of high end lacquer will generally ensure that our product will stand the test of time. The finish coats of lacquer are what give wood a beautiful shine and ensure durability. Royal Wood utilizes Chemcraft products in our finishing process because it has a higher content of solids than most other lacquers available in the marketplace. The higher solid content ensures a better finish and improves the longevity of your product. 
  9. Once the finishing has been completed all items for your kitchen are ready to be assembled; which involves putting together cabinets with finished parts & placing doors and drawers on all items. Our employees then stack your kitchen on our plant floor for final inspection from a management employee. Upon approval by the Quality Assurance Department, a delivery time is then set up with the customer. Cabinet deliveries generally occur the day before installation is due to proceed. This allows our installation teams the opportunity to start the job first thing in the morning the following day. 
  10. Homeowners must be aware that they are buying a value added wood product that has to be installed; which is much different than buying a product out of a box. Cabinetry installation can take anywhere from 2 days to a week depending on the size, site conditions, complexity and issues that arise throughout the installation. 
  11. Upon completion of the kitchen installation, a Royal Wood employee will follow up with you to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. Any remaining deficiencies or issues should be discussed during the follow up.