Product Care

Make your purchase last with these helpful tips.

Wipe with a damp soft cloth and then dry with another soft cloth.
Always wipe in the direction of the wood grain.

Never use detergent, strong soaps abrasives or waxes.  They can damage the finish and leave a residue that airborne grease will stick to. 

Do not wipe cabinets with a dishcloth.  A dishcloth can contain soap, grease, and other soil which can damage the finished surface. 

Excessive moisture is the enemy of any finish or wood product.  Do not allow water or other liquids to be in contact with the outside or inside surfaces for a prolonged period of time

Avoid steam to come into contact with the finishes.  Doing so may result in delaminating of the edge-banding and cabinet finishes may dull.  (i.e. be careful with kettles, toasters and ranges as steam and heat can affect lacquered finishes on wood.  These items should be placed away from finished ends if possible and items emitting large amounts of heat should be equipped with a range hood). 

Treat your Royal Wood cabinetry as you would any other piece of fine furniture and you will be rewarded with a long lasting beautiful product.

Additional tips to ensure the longevity of your value added wood product

  • Overloading your drawers or place articles above the level of your drawer can cause unneeded stress on your product.
  • Attaching fixtures/units inside or outside your cabinet doors exceeding 3 lbs can produce unneeded stress on your cabinetry
  • Using unnecessary force or pressure when opening and closing cabinetry can compromise the integrity of your end product.  Handles have been placed on your doors/drawers for a reason!
  • Do not place wet articles such as dishes or clothes in your cabinets.  Exposing cabintry to moisture over time will inherently affect the product.